Health Industries Strategic Committee : Marc de Garidel is passing the torch

G5 Santé decided to issue yesterday a press release regarding CSF Santé (Health Industries Strategic Committee) after the announcement made yesterday morning by the public authorities to support further work by CSF Santé and to appoint Jean-Luc Bélingard as Chairman of CSF Santé.

Marc de Garidel, Chairman of Ipsen, former VP of CSF Santé and Chairman of G5 Santé quoted in the PR: « At the time I decided to » pass the torch », I would like to thank very much all the people, whether they come from the administration or industry, engaged in the works and projects of the CSF Santé in recent years. It is definitely thanks to their efficient and valuable contribution that we have been able to advance a large number of measures, of which I am particularly proud.  I am confident that the CSF Santé will continue on this path under the chairmanship of Jean-Luc Bélingard, President of FEFIS ».