Publié le 10 juillet 2018

For G5 Santé, the 8th CSIS marks a significant turning point for healthcare industries

Paris, July 10, 2018 – The 8th meeting of the Conseil Stratégique des Industries de Santé (CSIS) (French Strategic Council for the Healthcare Industries) was held today under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe. This CSIS, which is a strong indicator of the Government’s recognition of the strategic importance of healthcare industries for the country, stands out from previous meetings through its clear ambition to regain a leadership position among global competitors. It will do so through a platform of detailed, concrete measures and through an ambition to monitor their effectiveness.

The measures announced illustrate an awareness of the challenges, of research, recognition for innovation and access to care, but also of industrial policy, and creations and preservation of related jobs. An ambition for “more stable and effective” dialog, mentioned by the Prime Minister, is a testament to this movement.

The healthcare industries sector is key to the French economy. Growth potential is particularly important. For instance, as regards pharmaceutical production, a mere catch-up (France, 4th today, was first in 2009) by European leaders would create an opportunity estimated at 10 billion euros, which would improve the balance of trade almost as much and enable the creation of more than 20,000 jobs.

It is also a strategic sector for France’s healthcare independence. Maintaining the production of healthcare products in France that are essential for citizens limits the risk of supply disruptions. The risk becomes greater in the event of a crisis, whatever the cause, health catastrophe, conflict or diplomatic crisis. As the Académie de Pharmacie (French National Academy of Pharmacy) has itself underlined in its report entitled “Indisponibilité des medicaments (Unavailability of medication)” (June 2018), a lack of recognition of industry limitations and low French prices may exacerbate the risk of supply disruptions and country dependency.

The dialog established with the Government during preparations for the CSIS helped to clarify a platform of measures balancing attractiveness and competitiveness. The G5 Santé particularly appreciated the fact that the Prime Minister set a twofold objective at the next framework agreement: «developing, far more strongly than today, recognition of investments and exports in determining prices. And improving its capabilities in aligning list French prices with list European ones, without incurring additional costs for health insurance.” The G5 Santé also strongly welcomed the announcements made on the future transitional price for innovative medical devices.

Faced with these strategic challenges, the G5 Santé will closely monitor the real-time achievement of announced measures in addition to their coordination with the next deadlines, particularly the PLFSS (French draft law on financing social security) for 2019, the negotiation of the future Leem / CEPS (French Economic Committee for Health Products) framework agreement and the Lettre d’Orientation Ministérielle (Ministry guidance letter) that sets out the CEPS’ roadmap.

Yves L’Epine, President of the G5 Santé and CEO of Guerbet, commented: It is with great satisfaction that the G5 Santé notes the clear ambitions of this 8th CSIS as well as the implementation of a monitoring committee for the presented measures. Through regular dialog with public authorities, we would like to contribute to adapting our healthcare system, which faces a number of waves of innovation coming from all sectors: medication, biology, diagnostics, medical devices, vaccines and more recently, with the arrival of artificial intelligence for more personalized and predictive medicine, a domain in which France is very well positioned. Such innovations produce savings through simplified and accelerated care pathways. We hope that a highly significant reversal in the policy undertaken up till now will enable us to modernize the healthcare system to benefit patients, as well as enabling France to become a leading country in healthcare industries once again.”

About the G5 Santé 

The G5 Santé, which is the spokesperson for the French health industries, is a think-tank that includes the directors of the main French health and life science companies (bioMérieux, Guerbet, Ipsen, Laboratoires Théa, LFB, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi, Servier). These companies chose France as a platform for their international development and have made R&D activities their priority. The members of the G5 Santé share 5 ambitions: recognition of the contribution of the life science industries as a key player in French public health, contributing to the recovery of France’s competitiveness, a strong commitment to French biomedical research excellence, development of patients’ access to health solutions and supporting the biotechnology and new technologies sector.

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