Publié le 30 avril 2013

First Health Club (Club Santé) Launched in China

Paris (France), 30 April 2013. The G5 Health has welcomed the official launch of the first China Health Club on the occasion of the French President’s state visit to China.

Establishing these Health Clubs in countries identified as priority targets by the health industry is one of the proposals arising from the working group formed by the Healthcare Industries and Technologies Strategy Committee (Comité Stratégique de Filière Industries et Technologies de Santé, CSF) to address the challenges of exports and combat counterfeiting. The objective is to create an umbrella structure regrouping the services of the State and health sector companies present in China, including big pharmaceutical groups and SMEs, manufacturers and service providers. The aim of the initiative is to coordinate actions, offer a comprehensive range of products and services from French companies tailored to specific local requirements, and highlight the quality of all involved in the French health sector.

Coming before the expected signature of a sector contract this summer, the creation of the China Health Club is the first practical measure to be implemented during the official visit to China of French President François Hollande. Accompanied by Nicole Bricq, French Minister for Foreign Trade, Marc de Garidel, Vice-Chairman of CSF Santé and Chairman of the G5 Health, and Alain Mérieux, Chairman of the Institut Mérieux and founder of bioMérieux, the French President took part in a round-table discussion with French health industry players in China. The discussions focused on the strategic theme of « better health care », which is one of the priorities of French foreign trade policy.

In the context of the unprecedented economic crisis in Europe and the resulting pressure on all health insurance systems, the G5 Health stresses the importance of the country’s healthcare industry for employment, competitiveness and foreign trade. The companies comprising the G5 Health represented a trade surplus of €8.4 billion in 2011 and have developed a strong presence on all continents. While welcoming this support for their initiatives to increase exports, they highlight the importance of a balanced domestic policy in France to sustain in the long term the strong results obtained, especially in China. Indeed, the consequences of French decisions for other countries are immediate, as prices set abroad increasingly depend on the levels set by France, and administrative deadlines are often a handicap to making inroads in international markets.

About G5 Health

G5 Health, the voice for the French health industry, is a forum for the leaders of the major health and bio-sciences companies in France (bioMérieux, Guerbet, Ipsen, LFB, Pierre Fabre, Théa, Sanofi and Stallergenes), chaired by Marc de Garidel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ipsen. These companies have chosen France as the base for their international development and have made R&D their priority. The members of the G5 Healthshare five ambitions: to gain recognition for the crucial contribution of the life sciences to public health in France, help restore France’s competitive position, make a strong commitment to excellence in French bio-medical research, improve patient access to health solutions, and support the biotechnology and new technology sectors.

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