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Pour : Le est un fleuron industriel 🇫🇷 fortement contributeur aux grands défis de l’économie française – LT Etude BIPE

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Les industriels seront présent au CA du GIP Health DataHub – signature convention mi-novembre, Jean-Marc Aubert, DG DREES

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Présentation étude BIPE démontrant le recul de la France dans les industries de santé, en présence de 4 présidents de labos Y.L’Epine , D.Delval , E.Ducourneau , O.Laureau Inscriptions

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Le « made in France » : 81 % de la consommation totale des ménages (Etude INSEE)

David Hale appointed Chief Executive Officer of Guerbet

David Hale was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Guerbet on January 1, 2020. He joined Guerbet Executive Committee as Chief Commercial Officer in February 2018.


David has almost twenty years’ experience in the field of radiology. After beginning his career in project management with the Boston Consulting Group in Germany, and working in product and service management with Milliken Textiles, Eastman Kodak and Ascom in Switzerland, he joined GE in 2000. On starting at the GE Corporate Initiatives Group, he was tasked with driving GE’s business initiatives and services throughout European companies.


He went on to join GE Healthcare where he held various management positions in several European countries, initially for the EMEA region, then the US and Canada. Prior to joining Guerbet, David was CEO of GE Healthcare Digital Imaging and Care Area Solutions.


David holds a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and an MBA from the Institute of Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland.


David was born in the United States and has dual American and French citizenship. He lives in Paris, France, with his wife and children.