Publié le 19 juin 2014

China-France: Cross-fertilization within the Health Care Sector

China and France are two countries with a long history of scientific excellence and cutting edge biomedical research. Bringing together scientists from France and China to present examples of success is an excellent way to promote cross-fertilization between our two countries in the strategic healthcare sector.

About G5 Health
G5 Health, the voice for the French health industry, is a forum for the leaders of the major health and bio-sciences companies in France (bioMérieux, Guerbet, Ipsen, LFB, Pierre Fabre, Théa, Sanofi and Stallergenes), chaired by Marc de Garidel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of

These companies have chosen France as the base for their international development and have made R&D
their priority.

The members of the G5 Health share five ambitions: to gain recognition for the crucial contribution
of the life sciences to public health in France, help restore France’s competitive position, make a strong commitment to excellence in French bio-medical research, improve patient access to health solutions, and support the biotechnology and new technology sectors.

Download the workshop presentation and abstracts

On behalf of the members of the G5 Health, I warmly welcome you to this workshop dedicated to scientific cooperation between France and China.
The G5 Health is a think-tank composed of the major French health care and biosciences industries. The future development of our companies relies on the excellence of our R&D, and our capability of constant innovation.
The G5 members, who have chosen France as the base for their international development, are strongly committed to re-enforcing the relationship between France and China.

The G5 is the founder and leader of the first Healthcare Club launched in China in April 2013, on the occasion of the French President’s state visit to China. The aim of this umbrella structure is to facilitate cooperation between French and Chinese health stakeholders.

Marc de Garidel
Chairman and CEO of Ipsen and Chairman of the G5

Download the slides : Introduction

Download BioMérieux’s slides

Download Ipsen‘s slides

Download Pierre Fabre’s slides