The G5 Health Association welcomes the decisions taken following the French ‘Gallois’ report, but are wary of the coherence of its implementation

Publié le 30 novembre 2012

Paris, 6th November 2012. The G5 Health Association has welcomed a number of measures that have been announced in the ‘National Pact’, a national initiative supporting growth, competitiveness, and employment, which addresses a number of their needs.

The G5 Health Association support the objectives identified by the report drafted by Mr. Gallois and the Government’s Action Plan to restore France’s competitiveness in the global economy, particularly in the health and innovation sectors, and in the management of diseases and services for patients.

The G5 Health Association expressed its expectations and proposals for the development of the health care industry which they deem to be a strategic sector for employment, competitiveness and independence, via the White Paper 2012[1] (which provides a thorough analysis of the current situation). Several proposals by the Government have put health care “among priority the sectors of today, to meet the challenges of tomorrow”.

The overhaul of the National Conference of Industry, and the implementation of a ‘cluster strategy’ (Decision n°11 and n°12), to which members of the G5 Health Association have actively contributed, will provide an opportunity to define industrial policy, and adapt that to  health care, a strategic sector,  with highly skilled jobs, and with potential for growth and exports.  This strategy should be adapted for each sector, especially in terms of the risks facing companies and take into account the high level of international competition.

The health industry is a rapidly changing sector, whose business evolves and converges to global health solutions involving medicines, medical devices and ‘tele-medicine’ (medicine from a distance via online portals). The health industry is therefore particularly aware of the importance of the development of ‘e-health’ (an online health portal), both to improve the quality of patient health care, and obtaining significant savings thanks to the modernization of the French health care system. The G5 Health Association would therefore be vigorous concerning the application of Decision No 9 for the deployment of ‘e-health’, in line with the choice of strategic sectors and the primary objective of reducing public deficits.

The G5 Health Association considers the sustainability of the ‘Research Tax Credit’ system (Decision n°26) a key issue, due to their investment in R&D centres in France. Reform of this system in 2008 led to the relocation of research activities in France. Equally, the restoration


of the status of ‘Young Innovative Companies’ and the commitment to develop policies in favour of ‘clusters’ (Decision No 10), are essential to the development of a performing ecosystem of innovation in human health care.

The G5 Health Association hopes that the ‘lever 7’, “facilitating business by simplifying and stabilizing the tax and regulatory framework” will have effective application also to the health care sector, in which innovation is hampered by the multiplication of texts, whose messages sometimes overlap and contradict as they are constantly reworked,   thus increasing difficulty in obtaining the reimbursement of innovative medical solutions by the French Social Security, and by the numerous taxes specific to the health care industry.

Health care industries are eager to align their skills and potential for growth, competitiveness and employment in France, with those of the Government. However, they stress that this must entail the exclusion of disproportionate price reductions in an effort to implement ambitious reform of financing the social protection and health care framework, but in reality, damage industry.


About G5 Health ( )

G5 Health, the voice for the French health industry, is a forum for the leaders of the major health and bio-sciences companies in France (bioMérieux, Guerbet, Ipsen, LFB, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi and Stallergenes). These groups have chosen France as the base for their international development, and they make R&D their priority. The members of G5 Health share 5 ambitions: gain recognition for the crucial contribution of the life sciences in public health in France, help restore France’s competitive position, commit strongly to increase excellence in French bio-medical research, improve patients’ access to health solutions and support the biotechnology and new technology sectors.

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[1] Les industries françaises de santé : un secteur stratégique au service de la santé des Français et de l’économie nationale (

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