Le G5 participe à la conférence internationale contre le dopage

Publié le 19 novembre 2012

Paris, le 12 novembre 2012.

Conférence internationale sur : l’industrie pharmaceutique et la lutte contre le dopage, nouveaux partenariats pour un sport propre


International Conference on the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Fight Against Doping: New Partnerships for Clean Sport


Key Messages- Wrap up Round Table #2; What framework is needed for co-operation between the world Anti-doping agency and stakeholders in the health sector ?

Lessons learnt: from awareness raising to implementation

P. Delavault, Ipsen, G5 Group



1. CONTEXT/ A Significant Public Health Problem:

  • Doping in sports is a huge societal problem. No longer limited to elite athletes, it is increasingly found in amateur and school sports.
  • Abuse of medicines for sports doping purposes represents an unsafe and unapproved use of medicines and brings significant health risks.
    • As such, Pharma/Biotech industries are key stakeholders together with WADA in the fight against anti-doping.

2.    Strenghtening the ‘Anti-Doping paradigm’ into the Industry thinking, culture and practices

  • IFPMA members are concerned that their medicines could be abused for sports doping purposes. They are committed to developing safe medicines and to ensuring their safe and appropriate use for the welfare of patients.
  • Doping potential of a compound should be part of Industry thinkingduring R&D activities:
    • Should be integrated as part of the risk management
    • It is in the in the Industry best interest to ensure that its drugs are properly used in the intended medical condition(s):
      • doping scandals can negatively affect the public perception on the medical applications of a given drug and often on the company image.
      • Information can be obtained on drug trafficking/counterfeitingàhigh value for the Industry to protect their IP & commercial interests.
    • Activity can be taken under the responsibility of R&D, Regulatory or Safety Departments activities

3.    WADA has established a WADA-Pharma Industry/Biotech Collaboration Framework which provides the unique opportunity to translate the vision & principles into operationally effective agreements

  • The Joint Declaration on Cooperation in the Fight against Doping in Sports facilitates voluntary cooperation between IFPMA member companies and WADA to identify medicinal compounds with doping potential, minimize misuse of medicines still in development, improve the flow of relevant information, and facilitate development of detection methods
  • Collaboration company/WADA is on voluntary basis & easy to implement with limited or no additional resources needed
  • Mutual benefit for company & WADA as part of risk management plan
  • ‘2 Fields/1 Goal’ Points to Consider(June 2012) document issued:
    • Provides practical guidance for identifying pipeline compounds with a potential for sports-related abuse & for sharing this information with WADA
    • Diffuse as much as possible to pharma/biotech networks the ‘2Fields/1 Goal’ brochure & documents (e.g. MoU)
    • Diffuse as much as possible practical tools to companies interested


4.    Expand communication & broadening the application of the existing framework of relations between the pharmaceutical/Biotech industry and the anti-doping authorities and WADA in particular

  • Indentify representative(s) in pharma/biotech companies who are interested and motivated to act as active relays
  • Use relay of international conferences/symposia opportunities to organize pharma-WADA information and reach out sessions (e.g. DIA, US BIO…)
  • Inform on coordinates of key contact persons at IFPMA & WADA
  • Explore benefit of a joint Pharma/Biotech/WADA Research foundation
  • Organize a similar political/technical conference in fall 2014






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