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Publié le 5 octobre 2011

Paris, 17 February 2011. The G5, the association of the major French healthcare companies, announced today its extension to include the bioMérieux group, a global leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

With medicine undergoing a revolution and new perspectives opening up in terms of personalized patient care, the G5 implements a new strategy, and has decided to expand and include other healthcare companies, whose business areas will converge more and more towards a global disease management, combining patient-driven products and services.

In this context, integrating the diversity of the healthcare industries within the association emphasizes the G5’s desire to make concrete recommendations aimed at reinforcing France’s position among major countries in life sciences. With this new organisation, the association will focus on areas such as the development of personalized medicine based on the patient’s genetic profile and environment, involving closer convergence between diagnostics and therapeutics, with the possibility of constant interactions and continuous adaptations of treatments.

The addition of bioMérieux as a member of the G5 facilitates the exchange of expertise within the French healthcare industry in the areas of therapeutics and biomarkers, or “theranostics” – the keystone of personalised medicine. Theranostic development will represent progress for the industry  as a source of investment and job creation in the years to come. It also constitutes progress in medicine, since these developments will enable optimisation of the benefit/risk ratio of treatments at the individual level by identifying patients who respond to treatments. This new approach is also in line with requirement of controlling healthcare spending, since it will contribute to guaranteeing proper use of medicines, with each patient receiving treatment tailored to his or her needs.

Marc de Garidel, Chairman and CEO of Ipsen and Chairman of the G5, said: “With medical innovation turning towards development of global health solutions, the G5 is very proud to have France’s in vitro diagnostics leader among its members. The G5 will formulate proposals aimed at enabling France to take advantage of the new growth source that is the development of personalized medicine.”

Jean-Luc Bélingard, Président-Directeur Général of bioMérieux, said: “France’s leader in in vitro diagnostics, bioMérieux, is proud to join the G5 and thus demonstrate its attachment to French excellence in the area of life sciences. As a result of technological and regulatory changes worldwide, the healthcare industries are undergoing major change, characterised by convergence between the different sectors of those industries. Taking that multidisciplinarity into consideration in the G5 structure will enable it to be a key force for proposals for industrial policy and innovation strategy.”

The G5 also announced the implementation of new governance. The functions are now distributed as follows:

  • Chairman and spokesman: Marc de Garidel, Chairman and CEO of Ipsen
  • Vice Presidents: Pierre Fabre, Chairman and CEO of Pierre Fabre, and Chris Viehbacher, CEO of Sanofi-Aventis
  • Treasurer: Jean-Luc Bélingard, Président-Directeur Général of bioMérieux
  • Secretary: Christian Béchon, Chairman and CEO of LFB


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The G5 is an association of French companies specialized in health and life sciences that acts as a think tank and regularly issues proposals to highlight the excellence of French biomedical research and the attractiveness of the country, and focuses on reinforcing the innovation capabilities and international reputation of France.


bioMérieux, Ipsen, LFB, Pierre Fabre, sanofi-aventis and Servier are companies whose decision-making centres are based in France, are internationally competitive and make research efforts a high priority.  At a global scale, the G5 is a major stakeholder, achieving sales worth €34 billion and investing more than €6 billion in R&D..


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